Disposable Fashion

Of all the environmental issues related to fashion, one of the biggest is the disposable nature of clothing items. In theory, a person should be able to wear a clothing product for several years before it becomes damaged and needs to be replaced. However, fashion discourages the public from being seen in one particular outfit more than once. This has led to a severe problem.

The online information site Wikipedia contains a plethora of articles about the issues surrounding disposable fashion. The seasonality of fashion is heavily linked to it. Four times a year, the style, colouring and trends of clothes change. While it may be profitable for clothes shops, this practice has a negative impact on the environment.

Luckily there are ways for people to minimise the damage caused by disposable fashion. For example, they could buy their clothes second hand from a charity shop rather than brand new. In addition, they may choose to wear the same outfit on multiple occasions. These options also end up being more economical for the general public. It will allow people to save the money that would otherwise go towards new clothes.